JOKE: RE: WOWG: Consensus, subgroups, and e-mail tags

At 5:58 PM +0000 3/1/02, Jeremy Carroll wrote:
>I am happy with almost all of Peter's comments.
>I think they are largely a matter of different emphases.
>>  > Other tags could also be used, like JOKE or MISC with the
>>  expectation that
>>  > noone will necessarily read it.
>>  I strongly suggest that the working group strongly discourage off-topic
>>  messages, particularly those that will not be read. 
>But can't there be an on-topic joke? :)
>(Challenge to rest of WG).

I'd have to say the recent Business Week article on the Semantic Web 
[1] counts as an on-topic joke...
  -Jim H.
p.s. Peter, compare this to our document next time you worry about 
your hype meter!!


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