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"Contacting Organizations about Inaccessible Websites" Intention to translate into Spanish

"Cool URIs for the Semantic Web" in Japanese (updated)

"WCAG 2.0" belorussian translation

[error.bg_order] CSS Validator Translation

[error.strictly-positive] CSS Validator Translation

[Fwd: Re: "Clean up your Web pages,with HTML TIDY" article translation]

[Japanese] Completed translation of "Element Traversal Specification"

[lang] Intention of translation

[ru] Completed translation

[Simplified and Traditional Chinese] Completed translation

Additional Macedonian translations complete

Another completed farsi translation

Authorized translation of WCAG 2.0 to norwegian (bokmål)

belorussian translation of css validator

Call for Unicorn translations

Completed Estonian Translation

Completed German translations of various WCAG-related docs

Completed one translation into Farsi (Persian) - Customdtd

Completed traslation into Ukrainian

Completed two translations into Farsi (Persian)

completetd translation of css validator in Hindi

Croatian Completed translation

CSS Validator Arabic Translation Approval

CSS validator localization efforts

Estonian Intent of Translation

Farsi translation of Cascading Style Sheets complete

First translation into Hindi

Galician intent of translation

Hindi Translation completed

Hindi translation of GS Language

Hindi translation of W3C CSS Validator

Hindi translation of W3C CSS Validator done

i want to be a volunteer

I want to volunteer to translate into Arabic RDF documents

Intension to translate in Hindi

Intention of translation

Intention of translation in Hindi

Italian [lang] Intention of translation

ITALIAN Completed translation

More Completed translations into Vietnamese

More Macedonian translations complete

Nepali completion of translation

New Translation

New translation into Hindi

New translations into Portuguese and Brazilian Portuguese

New translations into Spanish

Official translation of W3C-WAI documents to Greek: Publication

Request for translation (Thai)

Status of Authorized Translation of WCAG2 to Dutch

Submission of intent to become the LTO for Russian WCAG 2.0 Translation

Swahili translation request

Thai CSS Saga Completed

Translation completed

Translation Completed ( Thai)

translation of boilerplate in hindi

Translation Volunteer

Translations Completed (Thai)

Translations moved permanently

Turkmen Translation of article "Web Style Sheets"

Upcoming outage - monitoring w3c-translators@w3.org

Vietnamese Translation Complete

Vietnamese Translation Complete (corrected)

Vietnamese translation complete for Stylesheets Core

WCAG 2.0 to Belorussian language

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