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Adding normal matrix to CSS Shaders Fabrice Robinet (Saturday, 17 December)

Summary of CSS shader security issues and proposals Vincent Hardy (Saturday, 17 December)

Constant-time subsets of GLSL (was Re: Documenting Timing Attacks in Rendering Engines) Adam Barth (Tuesday, 13 December)

Comma separation in functional syntax (filters, transforms) Simon Fraser (Tuesday, 13 December)

Documenting Timing Attacks in Rendering Engines Charles Pritchard (Friday, 9 December)

SVG Transforms module Cyril Concolato (Friday, 9 December)

Re: [css3-transitions] Interpolating transforms: a proposal to avoid Euler angles in favor of using quaternions Matt Woodrow (Sunday, 4 December)

Timing attacks against CSS Shaders Adam Barth (Sunday, 4 December)

Where should editorial resources on transforms go? L. David Baron (Thursday, 1 December)

[public-fx] <none> (Tuesday, 22 November)

[css-compositing] group invariance Rik Cabanier (Tuesday, 22 November)

[public-fx] <none> (Tuesday, 22 November)

CSS Animations and Transitions on SVG Attributes Patrick Dengler (Monday, 21 November)

Status of css shaders? Tom Lane (Sunday, 20 November)

[css-filters] enable-background in an HTML context Rik Cabanier (Friday, 18 November)

[css-compositing] some proposals Rik Cabanier (Friday, 18 November)

New location for Filter Effects spec Dean Jackson (Saturday, 12 November)

[css-shaders] GLSL implementation defined limits Gregg Tavares (wrk) (Friday, 11 November)

[css-compositing] Normal blend mode (was: some proposals) Rik Cabanier (Thursday, 10 November)

[css-compositing] update enable-background (was: some proposals) Rik Cabanier (Wednesday, 9 November)

[css-compositing] simplify Porter-DUFF (was: some proposals) Rik Cabanier (Wednesday, 9 November)

Re: [css-compositing] split up the spec (was: some proposals) Rik Cabanier (Wednesday, 9 November)

[css-compositing] some proposals Rik Cabanier (Tuesday, 8 November)

[css3-2d-transforms] Interpolation of transforms (for transitions/animations) √ėyvind Stenhaug (Friday, 4 November)

minutes, 3 November 2011 FX Taskforce F2F meeting at TPAC 2011 Cameron McCormack (Friday, 4 November)

CSS Shaders 'filter-margin' Dirk Schulze (Monday, 31 October)

Merging CSS Shaders proposal into Filter Effects Dean Jackson (Monday, 31 October)

sharpen() CSS filter Chris Marrin (Friday, 21 October)

[filters] feUnsharpenMask, feDropShadow and drop-shadow Dirk Schulze (Friday, 21 October)

IE9 fails critical SVG-HTML integration & what is the status on this issue? Kevin Ar18 (Friday, 21 October)

[css-shaders] Exploring JS shaders Charles Pritchard (Thursday, 20 October)

[css-shaders] Do we need shader blending? Chris Marrin (Thursday, 20 October)

Re: [css-shaders] Feedback about default fragment shader in CSS shaders proposal Vincent Hardy (Thursday, 20 October)

Updated CSS shaders proposal Vincent Hardy (Wednesday, 19 October)

[css shaders] tiling large elements Ralph Thomas (Sunday, 16 October)

[css shaders] sorting? Gregg Tavares (wrk) (Saturday, 15 October)

CSS filter primitive evaluation Chris Marrin (Friday, 14 October)

[css shaders] Request for additional UA uniform variables Chris Subagio (Wednesday, 12 October)

[3d-transforms] Behavior of intersecting layers with transform-style: preserve-3d is undefined and inconsistent across implementations James Robinson (Friday, 7 October)

FXTF meeting at TPAC (Thursday 3 November, 2011) Erik Dahlstrom (Tuesday, 4 October)

[css shaders] comment on grid dimensions Chris Lilley (Monday, 3 October)

[css-shaders] CSS shaders for custom filters (ACTION-3072) Vincent Hardy (Monday, 3 October)

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