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Re: Updated CSS shaders proposal

From: Vincent Hardy <vhardy@adobe.com>
Date: Mon, 24 Oct 2011 13:58:58 -0700
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Subject: Re: Updated CSS shaders proposal

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To: Vincent Hardy
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Subject: Re: Updated CSS shaders proposal

On the interactivity issue, issue #3

> In other words, elements that have CSS shaders applied direclty or indirectly will not receive mouse events nor touch events at a minimum.  Similarly 'hover' will no longer work.
That sounds unnecessarily harsh... we don't have to turn them off, but rather just defer that issue of vertex-shader-assisted interactivity for later and currently keep the "default" behavior where touch/mouse event coordinates are relative to the element and not to the vertex shader positioning. This way, for example, a square that contains something like a water effect can still receive mouse events, without the web developer having to worry about which actual wave the user has pressed on.

I agree, in fact in many cases this is the preferred behavior. It might seem cool to have an animated ripple where you can click on a rippling check box, but is that really practical? Do you want to play "hit the moving target"? A better approach would be for the element to be rippling when the mouse is outside and have it settle down when you mouse over.

I know there are cases where you want a static effect to deform an element and have clicks accurately reflected. But I'm comfortable without that capability in the first release. We should specify that the CSS filter is a visual effect which does not affect interaction. Later on we can add a filter-interaction property to allow you to turn on the feature of transforming clicks to the deformed image. I don't know how we go about doing that. But I'm happy to have it be something we defer till later...

That approach is fine with me too. However, we are going to experiment with this internally at Adobe and if we have some concrete proposal on solving this issue, we will present it to the group.

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