Where should editorial resources on transforms go?

We (Mozilla) would like to help the CSS transforms spec advance,
i.e., get open issues resolved and help the spec advance to CR and

What I'm a bit confused about right now, however, is this:  if we
have someone who could help with editing, what spec should they be
helping with?

Right now I'm aware of:
    the original 2-D transforms spec
    the original 3-D transforms spec
    a spec that I thought was going to be a merger of the above two,
    but looks like it has only 2-D
    an attempt to unify SVG and CSS transforms; also 2-D only

My inclination would be to contribute resources towards the first
two specifications, since they appear to be the closest to being
stable.  Is that an incorrect impression?  Is there anything *wrong*
with advancing these documents under the assumption that one or both
of the last two documents might later be the next level of the
transforms specification?


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Received on Thursday, 1 December 2011 20:27:40 UTC