Re: CSS Shaders 'filter-margin'

On Monday, October 31, 2011, 9:08:47 AM, Dirk wrote:

DS> In general I don't think that 'filter-margin' is really needed at
DS> all for shorthand filters. We don't have primitive boundaries
DS> either for them. If someone wants to specify a clipping region for
DS> Filter Effects, he/she should use the XML element <filter> and can't use shorthand filters.

I tend to agree. These are supposed to have sensible defaults. 

Also, for a given shorthand, if the defaults are unsuitable, the shorthand can state that this is 'equivalent to' a particular filter with different, specified values for filter-margin.

And as usual, if the author wants complete control, a syntax exists for them to do that. Plus, since its referred to by URI, its easy for authors to share or copy existing examples without necessarily understanding or editing them, as they do now with script libraries or stylesheets.

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