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Draft minutes 30 November 2011 Josh Soref (Wednesday, 30 November)

Agenda - Distributed Meeting 30 November 2011 (Wednesday, 30 November)

Battery API in Last Call Dominique Hazael-Massieux (Tuesday, 29 November)

Battery Status API Last Call Feedback Anne van Kesteren (Tuesday, 29 November)

Proposal for ambient light Dominique Hazael-Massieux (Monday, 28 November)

Proposal for proximity sensor API Dominique Hazael-Massieux (Monday, 28 November)

ReSpec patch for IE9+ Travis Leithead (Thursday, 24 November)

Media Capture Task Force now active Robin Berjon (Thursday, 24 November)

Draft minutes 23 November 2011 Josh Soref (Thursday, 24 November)

Welcome Dave Raggett as DAP new staff contact Dominique Hazael-Massieux (Wednesday, 23 November)

Draft minutes 16 November 2011 Josh Soref (Tuesday, 22 November)

Agenda - Distributed Meeting 23 November 2011 Robin Berjon (Tuesday, 22 November)

[Web Intents] Task Force Mailing List set up James Hawkins (Friday, 18 November)

CfC: Battery Last Call Robin Berjon (Wednesday, 16 November)

[DRAFT] Media Capture Task Force Charter Robin Berjon (Wednesday, 16 November)

addEventListener with side effects Dominique Hazael-Massieux (Wednesday, 16 November)

Sensor API : New draft JOSE MANUEL CANTERA FONSECA (Wednesday, 16 November)

Webkit Bug 72010 for Vibration API Wonsuk Lee (Wednesday, 16 November)

Agenda - Distributed Meeting 16 November 2011 (Tuesday, 15 November)

DRAFT minutes for TPAC2011 DAP F2F - ACTION REQUIRED Josh Soref (Tuesday, 15 November)

RE: [hntf] Summary of the joint session on Device discovery Russell Berkoff (Monday, 14 November)

The reason PendingOp removed from Messaging API Kisub Song (Friday, 11 November)

Discovery demo online Clarke Stevens (Thursday, 10 November)

Re: [vibra] Vibration API Scott Graham (Thursday, 10 November)

Web API Design Cookbook Robin Berjon (Thursday, 10 November)

[DRAFT] Web Intents Task Force Charter Robin Berjon (Thursday, 10 November)

CfC: Shelving "The Gallery API" Robin Berjon (Wednesday, 9 November)

Mailing list tagging Robin Berjon (Tuesday, 8 November)

CfC: Shelving "The Messaging API" Robin Berjon (Tuesday, 8 November)

CfC: Shelving "The System Information API" Robin Berjon (Tuesday, 8 November)

CfC: Shelving "Device APIs Requirements" Robin Berjon (Tuesday, 8 November)

Shelving documents Robin Berjon (Tuesday, 8 November)

Vibrator API: extract from Navigator João Eiras (Monday, 7 November)

ISSUE-123: Low level discovery API security and privacy issues Device APIs Working Group Issue Tracker (Friday, 4 November)

Preliminary thoughts on the vibrator spec Justin Lebar (Thursday, 3 November)

CfC: publish a First Public Working Draft of Vibration API; deadline Nov 11 (Friday, 4 November)

ISSUE-122: Is low level data necessary for all sensor APIs, which ones have use cases and which not Device APIs Working Group Issue Tracker (Thursday, 3 November)

RE: [Feature Permissions] RE: ACTION-436: Provide an example for Permissions (Thursday, 3 November)

DAP architectural discussion - slides (Wednesday, 2 November)

RE: [Sensor API] ISSUE-121: Scope of sensor API and sensor discovery Nilsson, Claes1 (Wednesday, 2 November)

Re: [vibra] Vibration API -- the first stab (was: Mozilla's WebVibrator contribution) Anssi Kostiainen (Tuesday, 1 November)

Re: [vibra] Vibration API -- the first stab Anssi Kostiainen (Tuesday, 1 November)

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