RE: [vibration] Preliminary thoughts on the vibrator spec

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> > [DG] What security breach you foresee here? I heard that
> fingerprinting is not an issue here.
> The proposed functionality can be used to annoy users. As a user, I
> want to be in control of whether my device is able to vibrate (or make
> sounds, or annoy me otherwise). 
[DG] I'm not proposing to enable Vibration automatically (without user consent). It is just to allow Web Apps to know whether Vibrator is OFF and then notify UA. Which may then ask user to switch it on (however, that part is out-of-scope here). This will avoid UA/OS/device to keep monitoring if some unavailable functionality is being used and then notify user. The better way would be for *app* to say "Hey I want to use XXX would you like to switch it on" and user may decide to switch it on for that particular session, forever, forever for that particular application etc. 
>And I want to control that globally similarly to sound level, not on per web app basis.
[DG] User experience will be same. Whether app tell UA (that I want to user an unavailable function) or UA finds it by itself (before notifying user) is transparent to user.
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