Re: [DRAFT] Web Intents Task Force Charter

The api to be defined wouldn't define how native apps would participate or register to participate, that's beyond scope for W3/DAP/WebApps and is an implementation detail.

It might be better to list the data sharing before registration as the primary goal is the sharing and registration is merely a means to that end.

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Hi Robin,

Thanks for setting this up.

My understanding is that intents could be used as a mechanism that will
allow the web browser to talk to other apps on the device, and those apps
can  be web or native ... From your description it seems it is only web
app to web app communication ...


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>Hi all,
>here is a draft of the Intents joint Task Force charter for comments from
>WebApps and Device APIs. A TF charter is nothing formal and requires no
>overhead ‹ it can live as an email in a mailing list, it just documents
>the existence of the TF, and gives a few indications as to how it works.
>I've added some notes below about the points that may be contentious. If
>no one screams bloody murder by Monday I'll ask the Team to set things
>up. It's short but we've discussed this together last week, and DAP
>intends (no pun, err, intended) to rely rather heavily on Intents so we'd
>rather move fast rather than wait for WebApps to recharter, which could
>take a few months.
>The Web Intents Task Force works on a joint deliverable of the WebApps
>and Device APIs WGs that aims to produce a way for web applications to
>register themselves as handlers for services, and for other web
>applications to interact with these through simple requests brokered by
>the user agent (a system commonly known as Intents, or Activities).
>The mailing list on which the TF's discussions take place is
> The chair is Robin Berjon.
>Operational modalities such as whether or not to have phone and/or face
>to face meetings, as well as where to store the draft document are left
>to the TF to decide for itself. Decisions are made by consensus inside of
>the task force and do not require separate ratification by the wider
>It is important to note that until such a time as the WebApps WG is
>rechartered with Intents in its list of deliverables, it will be
>necessary for participants in WebApps who are not in Device APIs and wish
>to make substantive contributions (just joining the discussion and
>providing comments is always fine) to make an RF commitment for this
>deliverable (not necessarily for other DAP deliverables, naturally). For
>more details on this, please contact the W3C Team.
>  € The description isn't terribly precise, but I think it works
>  € As I've said before, I am only putting myself forward as chair
>because so far no one else stepped up. I don't mind doing it, but I
>equally don't mind letting someone else do it. I don't expect it to be a
>very demanding position.
>Robin Berjon - - @robinberjon

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