Review of the discovery session notes (was Re: DRAFT minutes for TPAC2011 DAP F2F - ACTION REQUIRED)

Hi Josh,
thanks for this effort.

Just one comment on the part I attended

I realize that my presentation was misleading on one VERY IMPORTANT point  
and the notes seems to confirm that unclarity.
The notes read:

... We did not see major gaps with communications
... UPnP is based on SOAP
... so don't have to invent a new messaging protocol

so they seem to imply we are recommending to use SOAP/UPnP. That's not the  
case. What I mean is:

... We did not see major gaps with communications
... we looked at the protocols in major use in the home network
... and we believe they are implementable on top of existing web standards"

Is true that I mentioned UPnP/SOAP, but that was just an example.


On Tue, 15 Nov 2011 16:16:39 +0100, Josh Soref <> wrote:

> Attention TPAC2011 DAP F2F attendees.
> If you said anything at the F2F (including in person, in gesture, by  
> phone and on irc), you may have been recorded by a scribe, helper, or  
> rrsagent (who wasn't always present). Those statements were adjusted by  
> many people in real-time, often successfully, and occasionally  
> unsuccessfully. Over the last week or so, I tried to clean up "redact"  
> the minutes. This at times results in minutes which say the EXACT  
> opposite of what the logs indicate. As such, it is absolutely essential  
> that everyone review lines attributed to themselves to confirm that the  
> record states what they intended. Note that minutes approval typically  
> occurs at the next conference call (which is tomorrow), and the accepted  
> minutes may be referenced at any future date as canonical.
> In addition to ensuring that your statements match your Intents, you  
> could help by confirming that others who spoke seem to be correctly  
> identified (not all scribes know everyone) and ideally that each  
> speaker/referenced party is identified by a single Identity. E.g., is  
> Jan the same as JanL? -- References made for/to/by TrackBot aren't  
> adjusted, but all others should be.
> Also, at times we didn't update the Topic:, if you see lines which you  
> feel are misplaced or need another topic, please speak up. Topics can be  
> added and make referencing conversations in the future much easier.
> Thanks to the scribes and those who helped by pasting prepared text or  
> issuing corrections.
> The minutes exceed the DAP mailing list attachment size limit and thus  
> can be found at:
> Sincerely,
> Josh Soref, RIM
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