Re: [vibration] Preliminary thoughts on the vibrator spec

Hi Justin, Robin,

On 16.11.2011, at 17.55, ext Justin Lebar wrote:

>> Justin - Do you have a suggestion or a preference how we should handle the specific case of vibrate() overloading assuming we cannot (yet) rely on Web IDL handling the order of overloads:
> I am (fortunately!) not a webidl expert, but based on Cameron's post,
> it doesn't sound like we have much of a choice.
> Since we define vibrate(unsigned long x) and vibrate(unsigned long
> x[]), we'll throw if someone passes something that's not an unsigned
> long or an unsigned long[], right?
> I think cancelling a vibration will be sufficiently rare that using
> vibrate(0) or vibrate([]) is fine.  Those two are also clearer than
> vibrate() or vibrate(null).

I updated the spec and dropped null. Now we should throw if other than unsigned long or unsigned long[] is passed.

Robin - I updated both Overview.html and FPWD.html.


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