Re: Battery Status API Last Call Feedback

On 11/29/2011 06:11 PM, Josh Soref wrote:
> In theory a web site could play a video and calculate how much energy a video costs. Then it could monitor battery and calculate when you're watching videos.
> It'd be fairly rough, but if you can calculate that 1% normally takes say 30 minutes to consume, and that you can consume 1% in say 4 minutes by watching a video, then if you see 1% consumed in 4 minutes, you can guess someone was playing a video.
> It could probably do similar things to calculate the cost of using GPS and then use it to determine when GPS might have been used.

In a multi-task device, it seems a bit hard to get very accurate 
measures but I agree that in theory such tracking could be done. I doubt 
it is really doable in practice though.
Note that the web app needs to be in a multi-task device to be able to 
do that.


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