Re: Web Messaging Intents, was: Re: [DRAFT] Web Intents Task Force Charter

On 15/11/11 20:46, Paul Kinlan wrote:
> This is the way that I have implemented it in test apps.  It is the 
> handler app that will show the progress information.  I have not had a 
> case yet where the client app needs or is concerned about the progress 
> of the action that is being handled, other than on completion or on error.

So you are assuming the handler app always has a client-side API 
independent of the client app, even if the handler app is itself remote? 
I am looking forward to the seeing the use cases, as background for the 

> I will launch a whole lot of new demo's soon so that we can all see them.

Looking forward to them.

Dave Raggett<>

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