Discovery demo online

Since it may not be convenient for you to set up a web server to test out the discovery API demo I showed at TPAC last week. There is a live version you can try from any web browser here:

The Player is what I demonstrated at the meetings. The control point uses the same tools for getting the content list, but also allows you to discover UPnP renderers. You can then use the Play, Pause and Stop controls to control the content sent to the renderer. The controls are active for the rendering device selected in the drop-down box.


If you don't have any UPnP CDS services or Zeroconf DAAP services on your network, NO content will be discovered. This seems obvious, but I want to be clear. These demos don't discover content on the Internet. They discover content on your local network that is published by UPnP or Zeroconf.

Similarly, if you don't have any UPnP renderer devices on your network, the control point page will not discover any and consequently, you won't be able to play the content. The discovery of the content should work just fine (with the limitations of the proviso in the previous paragraph).

Also, the control point page only has one button for each discovery type. The first time it is clicked NOTHING will be discovered because the discovery process is launched by pressing the button. If you wait about 5 seconds before pressing it the second time, you should see your devices. You can enable or disable devices by clicking the check boxes to the left of the discovered devices in the dialog box.


This is demo code with no warranty of any kind. I don't see how it could do any damage, but in any case my company and I are not liable. The code was developed using Google Chrome on Windows 7 and Linux and we're reasonably confident that it works under those conditions. We've tried it on other browsers and on other operating systems, but again, no guarantees.  Have fun.

Received on Thursday, 10 November 2011 23:53:42 UTC