Volume control Intent, was: Re: [DRAFT] Web Intents Task Force Charter

On 11/10/11 3:59 PM, timeless wrote:
> This doesn't remotely cover the problem space, but it's a start.
> Generally, a volume adjust on NetFlix shouldn't affect my next visit
> to YouTube.
I think there's an analogous situation with browser zoom.

Should my zoom level on netflix be used when I navigate to youtube?
Should it be applied to all open netflix tabs?


I mean this with all good intentions: I think this volume adjust issue 
is something that could/should be discussed separately from web intents.

Intents is merely granting that yes, I'm allowing a web app to send a 
message, presumably, to change the volume on some part of my audio chain.

I think that the issue about volume adjustment, in this discussion, is 
about user profiles.
I've been using Google Chrome's multiple profile feature on my Win-puter 
for a few months now.
It's fricking amazing. It solves so many issues I've been frustrated 
with over the past few years,
and it does it with a simple icon and drop-down menu.

Here is a multiple profiles example, followed by the page hosting the 

Am I in my "I'm watching Austin Powers" profile, my "Starbucks CEO 
profile", my "Evil Corporation profile"?
Presumably, that's all I need to select to switch over all of my 
settings, intent registrations included.

I've got four gmail accounts for various things, with one simple tweak 
of the browser, Chromium developers
solved an issue that Google accounts has not been able to.

I'm bringing this up as an example of how important, powerful and 
elegant profiles are.

When it comes to volume and zoom levels, accessibility is a real issue. 
Again, profiles are a great means for addressing it.


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