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Ah, but the difference here is that the web page actually does change the
volume on the viewing device. That's the beauty of these home networking


On 11/10/11 2:53 PM, "timeless" <> wrote:

>Some of this really should wait until there's a list.
>I believe that generally one wants to adjust audio as close to the
>source as possible, in which case the TV doesn't know anything.
>Some parallels:
>A. If you have a cable box => vcr => tv in old serial fashion and use
>old fashion remotes, changing the audio w/ the cable box remote
>adjusts the audio sent by that box to the vcr, the tv's audio level
>isn't affected (but the cable box can insert an overlay indicating
>level and hide it after some interval).
>B. If you use digital audio out on your Mac to an external device,
>volume controls disappear from the mac (it expects you to use your
>stereo's mixer instead).
>- here if an intent user decides you're using a tv, it could choose to
>hide audio controls (deferring to the tv). Note that I consider this
>more of a bug than a feature, but...

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