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[Admin] Doodle poll for new call time

[Agenda] Web Annotation Telco 2016-01-13

[Agenda] Web Annotation Telco 2016-01-20

[Agenda] Web Annotation Telco 2016-01-27

[web-annotation] "Text class" not defined

[web-annotation] `account` likely to conflict with foaf:account

[web-annotation] ActivityStreams / Annotation comparison

[web-annotation] Add JSON-LD Frame as informative annex

[web-annotation] Allow pool of "tags" on Annotation

[web-annotation] anno-ACTION-29: Create draft proposal for rendering state/selector

[web-annotation] Annotation alsoKnownAs <uri>

[web-annotation] Annotation Lists

[web-annotation] Associate license with content

[web-annotation] Client can't determine if user has authorization to modify annotation

[web-annotation] Create reference set of correct/incorrect annotations for test development

[web-annotation] Definition of specific resources: @Type

[web-annotation] Definitions of Specific Resources: Example

[web-annotation] Editorial issues on the model version 2016-01-16

[web-annotation] Embedding annotations in the target document

[web-annotation] Ensure context terms do not collide with URI schemes

[web-annotation] Format should use the vocabulary of mime types

[web-annotation] Intervals in time states?

[web-annotation] item vs. member in multiplicity constructs

[web-annotation] Justify each Motivation with a behavior

[web-annotation] Language should use the Language Tags Vocabulary

[web-annotation] Make Selectors available for the wide world?

[web-annotation] Multiple Selectors

[web-annotation] Multiple States

[web-annotation] Multiplicity and Collections

[web-annotation] No context description found in the JSON-LD "Complete Example"

[web-annotation] Referring to Content in RDF

[web-annotation] Referring to the

[web-annotation] Restriction on 'purpose'

[web-annotation] Selecting more than text

[web-annotation] Should Vocab have diagrams?

[web-annotation] Style selector vs. Styles

[web-annotation] Support for Notification

[web-annotation] Support for search

[web-annotation] Text Position Selector in the DOM

[web-annotation] Updates to Model and Vocab

[web-annotation] Using xsd:date, too, in the model?

[web-annotation] XPath Selector

Agenda: Web Annotation Telco 2016-01-06

Annotating All Knowledge Coalition

Call for Exclusions (Update): FindText API

Closed: [web-annotation] "Text class" not defined

Closed: [web-annotation] `account` likely to conflict with foaf:account

Closed: [web-annotation] Allow pool of "tags" on Annotation

Closed: [web-annotation] CSS Selector

Closed: [web-annotation] Ensure context terms do not collide with URI schemes

Closed: [web-annotation] Model principles should state that inferencing is not a priority

Closed: [web-annotation] Protocol should include Accept-Post requirement from LDP

Closed: [web-annotation] Selecting more than text

Closed: [web-annotation] Support for Notification

Closed: [web-annotation] Text Position Selector in the DOM

Deadline Extension: WWW 2016 Developers Day CFP

I Annotate in Berlin / F2F

List of Target Annotation Implementers

Meeting minutes, 2016-01-06

Meeting minutes, 2016-01-27

Minutes of meeting, 2016-01-13

Minutes of meeting, 2016-01-20

Model WD updates

Question on qualified linking between two resources

SEMANTiCS 2016, Leipzig, Sep 12-15, Call for Research & Innovation Papers

Testing Plan

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