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3.2.2 issue

[Fwd: I-D ACTION:draft-decroy-http-progress-00.txt]

[NEW ISSUE] HTTP status code registry, was: Status 102

Allow is not in 13.5.2

Call for Submissions: ICIMP 2007 & ICDT 2007 & ICGD&BC 2007, Silicon Valley, July 1-6, 2007

Escaping <\> in HTTP Digest (RFC 2617)

etag vs if-* vs range vs content-encoding?

Extension to HTTP : TimeZone

Feedback on ISSUE 27 (PUT idempotency)

Fwd: [Standards-discuss] [HTML in email]

Fwd: I-D ACTION:draft-nottingham-http-stale-if-error-00.txt

Fwd: I-D ACTION:draft-nottingham-http-stale-while-revalidate-00.txt

Fwd: I-D ACTION:draft-pettersen-cache-context-00.txt

HTTP idea

HTTP Request Forwarding?

HTTP status code registry, was: Status 102, Re: [Fwd: I-D ACTION:draft-decroy-http-progress-00.txt]

HTTP Vocabulary in RDF

http-link-header in GRDDL

i19 Bodies on GET (and other) requests

Informal get-together in Prague

Informal get-together in Prague - Details

Large content size value

Link Header draft

Message delimiting security issues

NEW ISSUE: 13.1.2's Definition of 1xx Warn-Codes

New issue: 6.1.1 can on a quick reading be misread that it's a complete list of status codes

New issue: 6.1.1 too vague about parsing requirements

NEW ISSUE: date formats in BNF and spec text, was: RFC 2616 Errata: Misc. Typos

NEW ISSUE: editorial bug in 13.5.1

NEW ISSUE: http URLvs Request-URI, was: 3.2.2 issue

NEW ISSUE: Sort 1.3 Terminology

NEW ISSUE: updating from RFC2048 to RFC4288

NEW ISSUE: Use of "Client" in 14.4

New Status Code -- 2xx Greedy Hotel?

OT: Effective Spec Writing [was RE: Large content size value]

pipelined client/server behaviour

products in Server header field

Programa de Intercambio Clínico: Presente sus Casos Críticos a sus Colegas

proposed mods to draft-decroy-http-progress-00.txt

Redirection of a POST as a GET

Reducing HTTP payload size [was: RE: HTTP idea

Reminder: Comments on Domain Structure and cookie drafts requested

Removing Content-Location

RFC 2616 Errata: Misc. Typos

Section 13

Status 102, Re: [Fwd: I-D ACTION:draft-decroy-http-progress-00.txt]

Straw-man charter

Thought on ABNF upgrade

Updating Entity Headers with 304s

Warning and Date

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