Re: HTTP idea

Nicholas Shanks wrote:
> Then if, say, a new plug-in was installed, or the language changed,  
> they could send the same GUID and an updated Accept* header to  
> replace the old one, and new negotiated content would be received  
> with the next request.

That wouldn't work because requests can be reordered in the network,
either because they are on different TCP/IP connections, or because of
an intermediate proxy.

The UA would to generate a _new_ GUID whenever such a change occurs,
and send that with all new requests.

> And we could shave off another two unnecessary response headers from  
> the bulk of pages by defining default values for Content-Script-Type  
> and Content-Style-Type. I presume this has been brought up before,  
> but a search of the archives for both header names returned no  
> results. May I ask why this was not done in HTTP/1.1 ?

Does anyone actually use those headers?  I've never seen them.

-- Jamie

Received on Thursday, 11 January 2007 13:45:59 UTC