Re: Straw-man charter

Robert Sayre schrieb:
> It seems obvious that these two clauses are incompatible. We've
> discussed this on the list before. I have a draft that states:
>    It is possible that HTTP will be revised in the future. HTTP 1.1 
> [RFC2616]
>    and Use and Interpretation of HTTP Version Numbers [RFC2145] define
>    conformance requirements in relation to version numbers. In HTTP 1.1,
>    all authentication mechanisms are OPTIONAL, and no single transport
>    substrate is specified. Any HTTP revision that adds a mandatory security
>    mechanism or transport substrate MUST increment the HTTP version
>    number appropriately.
> Does that paragraph contain incorrect information? If not, the charter
> is inappropriate, because it disregards the IETF consensus recorded in
> several documents.

I think that analysis is correct. The charter should state that the 
issue needs to be resolved, but should avoid saying anything about the 

> Thoughts?

As far as I can tell, we have reached a deadlock here, so I'd be 
surprised if there was progress any time soon. That being said, I'd 
*love* to see an official IESG statement about how they think existing 
specifications are supposed to be revised and progressed while 
introducing new mandatory requirements.

Best regards, Julian

Received on Thursday, 8 March 2007 10:59:39 UTC