etag vs if-* vs range vs content-encoding?


I'm a bit confused on how the different HTTP entity transformations 
work together... or not. In other words, from an HTTP server 
perspective, how does one properly combine things like entity tags, 
conditional requests, ranges and content encoding to name a few?

Even after going through Jeffrey C. Mogul's "Clarifying the 
Fundamentals of HTTP" and such, I'm not the wiser :P

At a more practically level, I have a small set of filters 
(ConnectionFilter, GZIPFilter, ETagFilter, ConditionalFilter, 
RangeFilter, MD5Filter, LogFilter) and I would like to make sure they 
are ordered properly.

Any pointers, guidelines, opinions or advises very welcome :)

Thanks in advance.



Received on Thursday, 1 February 2007 21:01:17 UTC