Re: Straw-man charter

On Tue, 06 Mar 2007 12:23:45 +0100, Julian Reschke <>  
>>> Additionally, the working group may produce one or more test suites  
>>> for HTTP conformance, if there is sufficient interest.
>>  I actually think this and maybe two interoperable implementations in  
>> popular browsers of the whole specification should be a requirement.  
>> Probably also for the server side of things. Otherwise the real issues  
>> probably never get fixed and deferred with arguments like: "We'll just  
>> wait until they get their act together..."
> I think I strongly disagree. Requiring that things are indeed completely  
> implemented will either result in lots of stuff being taken out, or the  
> spec never be done.

If that's indeed the result something is clearly wrong with the current  
specification. What's the use of a specification which authors and  
implementors can't actually rely on?

> So what *are* the real issues, then? Have they been raised over here?

I raised one (which was quickly rejected even though multiple people  
indicated it could not be implemented...), but there are others. Such as  
redirection of a POST as a GET etc. I'm not aware of a full list though,  
but such a list would probably become apparent once you start doing actual  

Anne van Kesteren

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