Re: Redirection of a POST as a GET

tor 2007-03-08 klockan 10:06 +0100 skrev Julian Reschke:

> 1) WebDAV servers are known to use 302 on methods such as PROPFIND (for 
> instance, Apache/moddav for PROPFIND on a collection URL with trailing 
> slash missing), and expect clients to proceed with PROPFIND, not GET.

Yes. The industry standard deviation from the specifications is limited
to POST I think.

> The confusion seems to be caused by 302 being used for two separate 
> things (moving a resource, and pointing to a retrievable result of a 
> POST). Both deserve separate status codes, and have got them as 303 and 
> 307 since January 1997 (307) or even longer (303).
> It seems to me that the right thing to do here is to clearly deprecate 
> 302 (describing both what it was supposed to do, and what it does in 
> practice), and lobbying for proper use of 303 and 307 instead.


Additionally we could accept the industry defacto standard, and adjust
301/302 to allow GET to be used automatically without user confirmation
if the request was a POST request making the current industry use


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