RE: NEW ISSUE: Use of "Client" in 14.4

Paul Leach said:
> Maybe I wasn't clear -- the reason no one would do anything to their code
> if we made the change is not that I believe they don't care about HTTP/1.1
> conformance, its that they already are compliant with the suggested new
> wording (because the old wording made the intent clear enough).

I understood what you meant. However, it seems that I was unclear: despite
the fact that these implementations are doing what is *right*, they aren't
doing what is *spec'd*. In this case, the spec needs to change so that these
people are in conformance instead of violation (hence my comment that
"nobody cares about conformance" -- they'd rather do what's right than be



-- Travis

Received on Friday, 5 January 2007 21:50:03 UTC