RE: Redirection of a POST as a GET

tor 2007-03-08 klockan 03:32 -0500 skrev Mike Schinkel:

> Does HTTP support POST redirect?  I thought it did not.

It does. In several forms.

We have

a) The original 301/302 redirects, which was meant to tell the user
agent that the resource has moved and the sane request should be retried
at the new location. However, almost everyone (if not all) implements it
wrongly using a GET request instead.

b) To solve this RFC2616 adds the 303/307 redirects, where 303 SHOULD
result in a GET and a 307 SHOULD result in a POST (or whatever method
was used for the first request).

> I still don't see how anything could break unless the person issuing the 301
> wants it to break.  Or maybe I'm just completely misunderstanding the issue?

The issue is 'a'. Specs saying one thing, most user agents and servers


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