RE: HTTP Request Forwarding?

Adrien de Croy wrote:
> if you wanted A to think the resource from C is really coming 
> from B, then B would need to proxy the request through to C, 
> and forward the response back through its connection.

Thanks for the reply.  That is what is critical to avoid. 

If TCP/IP can't do this jow does SIP do it?  

An alternate would be a reply that goes back to the client that says:

	"This URL is actually hosted at the URL 
	in the 'Location:' field but don't update the 
	URL line displayed to the URL as the URL you 
	requested is really the official URL its just that
	for the moment we are keeping it over at the
	value in the Location field. Feel free to cache 
	that new URL and associate it with the URL 
	you requested until the 'Expires:' date/time 
	at which point you should re-request."

Essentially this would be like a 302 but where the temporary redirection is
not made transparent to users. 

-Mike Schinkel -

Received on Thursday, 8 March 2007 05:52:54 UTC