Re: New issue: 6.1.1 too vague about parsing requirements

tor 2007-01-11 klockan 11:17 -0800 skrev Lisa Dusseault:

> Displaying to the user is problematic if you mean the browser end- 
> user, because the reason phrase isn't internationalized over the  
> wire, nor is it well-suited to be used as a localization lookup.

This is a completely different question. And in reality it's not a big
one. It's for example not hard for user-agents to have a translation
table of the commonly used example reason phrases.

Also, there is nothing which requires user-agents to display the reason
phrase at all.

My proposed change in wording is only to clarify that the reason-phrase
SHOULD NOT be used by automata, only humans if anyone.


Received on Friday, 12 January 2007 03:25:38 UTC