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> Mark Nottingham schrieb:
>> ...
>> Do people have any thoughts? Is the -00 draft good enough?
> 1) I would recommend not to remove or add things based on what  
> HTML5 may say right now. This is a moving target.


> 2) Not sure whether there is a problem with "anchor". Maybe it  
> would benefit from an example, though.
> 3) "media" sounds like an interesting use case -- if we have more  
> than one UA implementing this, it may be worth documenting.
> Another than that, draft 00 also defines "Profile" and "Link- 
> Template". Maybe it would make sense to split those into a separate  
> document, to clearly distinguish between what's-been-there-all-the- 
> time and new stuff?

My biggest concern at this point is navigating through the process  
(considering that this is effectively replacing/re-specifying  
something in the "old stuff" Appendix of a Standards-Track RFC). If  
splitting helps do that, yes.

On a different note -

The use cases I've heard of so far are with things like OpenID,  
GRDDL, etc.; there may also be use cases with Atom. I do have some  
concern about collisions between link relations identifiers in  
different formats (because <link> in Atom and HTML, for example, are  
slightly different things).

While Profile acts as a name space for the link relations, I'm not  
certain it'll be respected. Other approaches that come to mind include;

1) Specifying that the name space of the link relations is media type- 
specific, and have a registry for each.

2) Specifying a whole new header *instead* of Link that allows a URI  
for the link relation; establish a registry that the relation URI is  
relative to, independent of media type (still allowing them to use  
absolute URIs if they like).

#1 seems workable, but it does require people to register their  

#2 feels OK, *except* that somebody using an Atom link relation, for  
example, would have to do something like
    New-Link: <>; rel="atom/self"
rather than
    Link: <>; rel="self"
even though in both cases their content would contain
   <atom:link href="" rel="self"/>

Overall, I'd like to reuse Link if at all possible, to avoid the  
possibility of a fork. Thoughts?

Mark Nottingham

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