Re: Straw-man charter

> HyperText Transfer Protocol Revision (http-bis) Charter
> Last Modified: 2007-01-14
> The working group will refine RFC2616 to:
>    * Identify mandatory-to-implement security mechanisms
> The working group must not introduce a new version of HTTP.

It seems obvious that these two clauses are incompatible. We've
discussed this on the list before. I have a draft that states:

    It is possible that HTTP will be revised in the future. HTTP 1.1 [RFC2616]
    and Use and Interpretation of HTTP Version Numbers [RFC2145] define
    conformance requirements in relation to version numbers. In HTTP 1.1,
    all authentication mechanisms are OPTIONAL, and no single transport
    substrate is specified. Any HTTP revision that adds a mandatory security
    mechanism or transport substrate MUST increment the HTTP version
    number appropriately.

Does that paragraph contain incorrect information? If not, the charter
is inappropriate, because it disregards the IETF consensus recorded in
several documents.



Robert Sayre

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