Re: Large content size value

Travis Snoozy (Volt) wrote:
> > on that I wholeheartedly agree.  It's not hard; there's no good
> > excuse.  I'm astonished and disappointed that Microsoft screwed that up.
> For the record, neither IE7/XP SP2 nor IIS 5.1 "screwed up" (except for the
> HEAD request in the latter case). Both failed "gracefully," just like you
> want them to.

Putting the wrong number in a HEAD response is still screwing up,

> (I can't vouch for versions <7 or OSs other than XP SP2, since I don't have
> any other configurations available to test on. David Morris reports that IE6
> [on an unspecified OS] gives an erroneous success message. Try it at home
> and see!)

In this thread David Morris reports that IE6 downloads the wrong
number of bytes in addition to declaring it a success.  I call that
screwing up majorly.  (Also it seems likely it would get the message
boundary of the next persistent response wrong, as a consequence):

David Morris:
> IE6 is totally confused and ends up downloaning 451,140 bytes and
> declares success ...

-- Jamie

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