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[SVG12Mobile]: uDOM SVGElement and Element

[SVGMobile1.2] path normalization different than SVG 1.1

[SVGMobile12] 16.2.6 Paced animation and complex types: Determination of a distance along a path.

[SVGMobile12] A.2.7 Color normalization

[SVGMobile12] A.2.7 Display normalization

[SVGMobile12] Concern about "Relative to absolute IRI conversion" attribute normalization

[SVGMobile12] Connection interface

[SVGMobile12] content of the handler attribute of listener

[SVGMobile12] Definition of the <number> type makes nonsensical claims about range

[SVGMobile12] Interaction with XLink

[SVGMobile12] more on data types

[SVGMobile12] Processing model for unknown elements

[SVGMobile12] required requiredFormats

[SVGMobile12] requiredFormats attribute description

[SVGMobile12] script element processing

[SVGMobile12] Sentence describing the effect of "height" on the initial viewport is unclear

[SVGMobile12] STZLC3-3 definition of the intrinsic duration of a media

[SVGMobile12] SVGT12-207: "editable" attribute for text

[SVGMobile12] SVGT12-207: Conformance criteria for 14.3.2 SVG fragment identifiers

[SVGMobile12] SVGT12-207: SVG Tiny 1.2 does not comply to AWWW

[SVGMobile12] SVGT12-207: use of xml:space for whitespace

[SVGMobile12] Text in an area

[SVGMobile12] the <discard> element

[SVGMobile12] uDOM attribute normalization on color values

[SVGMobile12] version and baseProfile

[SVGMobile12] viewBox attribute

[www-svg] <none>

Animating length values on gradients

calcMode="linear" with numeric and non-numeric values

Default value of SVGFitToViewBox.viewBox

Default value of SVGUseElement.{width,height}

Desired behavior of pathLength and startOffset

Effect of 'animateMotion' on transform.animVal

Gaussian Blur with very small stdDeviation

IE6 Crashes with animatemotion

Inkscape Announces 0.44 Release :: http://www.inkscape.org

Rendering of stroke-dasharray in special situations

SVG12: <handler>, etc. vs <handler>, etc.

SVG12: accessKey() processing model unclear

SVG12: addEventListenerNS with non-null evtGroup

SVG12: attribute/trait "normalization"

SVG12: computed value of font-weight vs uDOM

SVG12: DOMActivate extensions vs DOM Level 3 Events

SVG12: ev:event vs namespaces

SVG12: gzip transfer encoding

SVG12: handler.svg and simplehandler.svg incorrect

SVG12: IDL namespaces

SVG12: invalid example in 15.5

SVG12: microsyntaces

SVG12: mTranslate definition vs multiply(T)

SVG12: nav-* properties

SVG12: Presentation attributes on multimedia elements

SVG12: shorthand pointer defintion vs XPointer

SVG12: SVGGlobal vs ELI2

SVG12: SVGGlobal::document vs AbstractView

SVG12: Transfer-Encoding

SVG12: unclear begin="" processing when attribute absent

SVG12: unclear when nodes enter resolved state

SVG12: unqualified attributes in RDF examples

SVGMobile12] SVGT12-183: Rules for handling "unsupported" values don't work when properties are syntactically correct and specified using W3C mechanisms other than SVG attributes

SVGT 1.2: <handler> script scope and `this' object

SVGT 1.2: mention of removeEventListener for <listener> element

SVGT 1.2: requirements for pointer selection

SVGT 1.2: SVG fragment identifiers

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