Re: [SVGMobile12] Definition of the <number> type makes nonsensical claims about range

Hello www-svg,

Boris Zbarsky <> wrote:

> The definition of the <number> type [1] says:
>    Conforming SVG Tiny 1.2 content must use <number> with the capacity for a
>    fixed point number in the range '-32,767.9999 to +32,767.9999'.
> That sentence makes no sense.  If the sentence is meant to read:
>    Conforming SVG Tiny 1.2 content must use only <number>s which have no more
>    than 4 decimal digits in the fractional part of their decimal expansion and
>    are in the range '-32,767.9999 to +32,767.9999'.
> then that would be a reasonable requirement on _content_.

We agree and have adopted your suggested wording. The original intent was a
content restriction.

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Received on Tuesday, 6 June 2006 20:17:37 UTC