RE: SVGMobile12] SVGT12-183: Rules for handling "unsupported" values don't work when properties are syntactically correct and specified using W3C mechanisms other than SVG attributes

Hi Ian, 

> From: Ian Hickson [] 
> Sent: May 11, 2006 6:37 AM

> The only real option I can see is to give a value, e.g. 
> 'none', and require that if the URI is not valid, then that 
> value must be used instead. It's too late, by time the time 
> you have this property, to base it on other values of that 
> property that the author may have specified (e.g. on the 
> parent element or in stylesheets).

After discussing this in the SVG WG, we've agreed that the above is the
best approach to take.  The spec will be changed to say that unsupported
values of <paint> must be treated as if 'none' was specified.

Thanks very much for your help in sorting out this issue.  Please let us
know within 2 weeks if this does not address your concern.


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