Re: SVG12: computed value of font-weight vs uDOM

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 Ian Hickson <>
> On Wed, 7 Jun 2006, Erik Dahlström wrote:
>> The WG agrees and the sentence "SVG does not specify how the computed 
>> value of font-weight is represented internally or externally." has been 
>> removed from the specification.
> So what is the computed value of 'font-weight' on the element with ID 'x' 
> in the example below, according to SVG 1.2 Tiny?
>    <svg xmlns="" font-weight="100">
>      <g font-weight="bolder">
>        <g font-weight="bolder" id="x">
>      </g>
>    </svg>

It will be a numerical value; the precise value would depend on the font
and what weights it provides.

> (Please quote the text that you are using to answer this question,
> since the specification has changed since the last publication.)

<dt class="label">bolder</dt>
<dd><p>Specifies the next weight that is assigned to a font that is
darker than the inherited one. If there is no such weight, it simply
results in the next darker numerical value (and the font remains
unchanged), unless the inherited value was "900", in which case the
resulting weight is also "900".</p></dd>

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