Re: SVGT 1.2: SVG fragment identifiers

* Doug Schepers wrote:
>The SVG WG agrees that this behavior is not what was intended, and is
>inconsistent with regards to the behavior of the fragment identifier in
>HTML. This is due to an omission in SVG 1.0, and we have restored the intent
>of the behavior.
>The specification now indicates that when a bare name fragment identifier
>indicates an existing element, that element will be centered in the
>viewport. The exact wording will be available in the next public draft. If
>this behavior or the specific wording does not satisfy your concern, please
>respond promptly.

I certainly object to the Working Group's decision to disguise this new
feature as correction of an "omission" in SVG 1.0. As I pointed out in the issue
raised here is the result of thoughtless search and replace; what you
propose is incompatible with SVG 1.1, which specified different but per-
fectly sensible behavior that is at least as consistent with "HTML".
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