Re: SVG12: shorthand pointer defintion vs XPointer

Chris Lilley wrote:
> He pointed out an error - that the grammar for an SVG fragment used XML
> Name instead of NCName. We fixed this.

He pointed out that what you used is incompatible with XPointer.  You fixed it 
for now, but your fix will require updating if there's another version of XMLNS 
and XPointer is updated to use that new version.

So if the goal is to be compatible with XPointer, the change you made is 
suboptimal.  If the goal is to use NCName instead of XML Name, your change is fine.

But Bjoern's issue was compatibility with XPointer, not NCName vs XML Name for 
its own sake.

> Its a strikingly creative use of "rejected".

Not at all.  He requested that you be compatible with XPointer, including 
future-compatible with future XPointer versions.  That request was rejected, as 
far as I can tell.  I'm sure you had good reasons to reject it, and I'm sure 
Bjoern will be enlightened and see the error of the ways of his request as soon 
as you tell him what those reasons were.

Thanks in advance,

Received on Tuesday, 6 June 2006 19:56:31 UTC