RE: calcMode="linear" with numeric and non-numeric values

Hi, Cameron-

Thanks for your question.

Cameron McCormack wrote:
| Cyril Concolato:
| > I think you missed one choice:
| >    * Treat it as calcMode="linear" but apply inheritance 
| before computing 
| >    the interpolation between the inherited value and 0. I 
| think this is the 
| > correct behavior but unfortunately it is poorly specified in SMIL.
| Ok.  I did see a mail recently that said that it should be 
| the computed values that are intepolated between,
| so that would solve the problem in this case.  
|How about for a property where the computed value 
| is still a keyword?  For example:
|  <animate attributeName="kerning" dur="6s" calcMode="linear" values="auto;
0; 1"/>

Values that cannot be converted cannot be smoothly animated. Therefore, an
animation step involving a non-numeric value will be a discontinuous
animation. In the case above, the animation between "auto" and "0" would be
discontinuous, but the animation between "0" and "1" would be continuous.
Similarly, animation between any 2 non-numeric values would be

If this is not sufficiently clear from the specification, please respond
within 2 weeks with suggested text.

Doug, on behalf of the SVG WG

Received on Thursday, 8 June 2006 20:03:29 UTC