RE: SVG12: nav-* properties

Hi, Bjoern-

Bjoern Hoehrmann wrote:
| * Dean Jackson wrote:
| >Hopefully you'll be glad to hear that we accepted your comment and
| >have updated the spec to use nav-* properties, consistent with
| >CSS3 Basic User Interface. The exception is nav-index, for which
| >we use nav-next and nav-prev after feedback from the WAI Working
| >Groups.
| The current draft has nav-* attributes some of which have the 
| same name
| as the nav-* properties defined in css3-ui but different syntax. These
| are not properties and are not consistent with css3-ui.

The SVG WG has discussed navigation mechanisms and syntax with the CSS,
HTML, WAI, and DI WGs at the Technical Plenary in March, and found common
ground to move forward. The SVG WG habegun the process toward a further
liaison to these groups (and now including XForms) with the goal of
establishing a joint resolution for unified syntax that meets the
requirements of all of these groups. We have proposed a joint telcon with a
specific agenda on settling these issues in a timely manner.

In the meantime, the SVG WG believes that it has done due diligence in
merging the best of all worlds to arrive at its current navigation
specification, and thus we will go forward with the current draft, pending
the results of our joint work with the other WGs.

If this does not satisfy your concern, please respond promptly.

Doug, on behalf of the SVG WG

Received on Tuesday, 27 June 2006 23:18:12 UTC