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 >>Thanks for your follow-on comments on this issue. We agree that
 >>unqualified event names belong in the XML Events namespace. We have
 >>reviewed the specification to make sure that it is clear that this is
 >>true. The latest draft now says the 'event' attribute can only  
accept a
 >>particular discrete set of event names (with a hyperlink to a section
 >>which provides the list of values), and then the referenced  
section now
 >>says that all of the events that are allowed are in the XML Events

 >The current draft is more confused in this regard than the previous  
 >To mention just one problem, the definition is
 >  ev:event = "<string>"
 >    The name of the event to handle. This attribute is in the XML
 >    Events namespace. See event list for a list of all supported
 >    events and [XML-Events] for the definition of the ev:event
 >    attribute.
 > And the draft uses syntax like ev:event="ev:click" in examples. How
 > would one go from "<string>" and "as defined in XML Events" to "some
 > sort of qualified name, as defined in SVG Tiny 1.2"?

This was an error. We've now removed all the instances of namespace  
qualified event attribute values in examples.

As the previous response said, the ev:event attribute references the  
definition from XML Events, with a limited set of allowed values. All  
events are in the XML Events namespace.



Received on Thursday, 8 June 2006 21:56:54 UTC