Default value of SVGUseElement.{width,height}


In a similar issue to that described in, SVG 1.1
does not specify the value that the width and height attributes on the
SVGUseElement interface should have if they are not specified.

With this document:

  <svg xmlns=""
       width="100" height="200">
    <g id="g"/>
    <use id="u" xlink:href="#g"/>
      var u = document.getElementById("u");
      alert(u.width.baseVal.value + " x " + u.height.baseVal.value);

Batik SVN and Opera 9 show “0 x 0”, while Firefox shows “100 x 200”.
The attributes aren’t implemented in ASV 3.  What should the correct
behaviour be?



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Received on Wednesday, 21 June 2006 08:35:27 UTC