RE: SVGT 1.2: SVG fragment identifiers

Hi, Bjoern-

Bjoern Hoehrmann wrote:
| * Doug Schepers wrote:
| >This fix [...]
| The W3C Process requires following the full Recommendation 
| Track process for changes where someone could reasonably
| expect that making the change would invalidate an individual's 
| review or implementation experience in general and new 
| features specifically. A "bug fix" is a minor change and
| does not require full Recommendation Track process. I have simply re-
| gistered my formal objection to the Working Group's decision 
| to claim a "bug fix" when it made a substantive backwards-incompatible  
| change by adding an entirely new feature 6 months after the end 
| of the third last call period.

This fix was made due to comments from that last call period.  As I
understand it, the Recommendation Track process is an attempt to facilitate
the creation of technically robust specifications, not to impede them, and
thus I feel confident that the Director will see this fix in that light.
Obviously, you have every right to interpret it differently.

Doug ...for scalable solutions.

Received on Wednesday, 28 June 2006 01:27:24 UTC