Re: [SVGMobile12] the <discard> element

Hey Anne,

 > I think
 > is not clear enough in that only animatable elements can be the
 > "target" of a <discard> element. Given that it is apparently only
 > about that it might make more sense to put it in the animation
 > section.

The <discard> element is not meant to apply only to animatable
elements - it applies to all elements.

We've clarified this in the specification. We've also clarified
the behaviour of <discard> elements referencing elements outside
the document (they are ignored).

 > It's also not clear why the Schema specifies `<ref
 > name='svg.XLinkRequired.attr'/>`. Isn't it meant to be optional to
 > imply that the parent element is the target element?

You're right. I've updated the RNG to be

<ref name='svg.XLink.attr'/>

which means the attribute is optional. We've also added text
that makes it clear that the parent is the default target, for
when the href attribute is missing.


Received on Friday, 9 June 2006 15:04:11 UTC