Re: [SVGMobile12] A.2.7 Display normalization

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Jonathan Watt <>  wrote:
> : section
> A.2.7 under the section Display Normalization says:

>   For viewers in multiple namespaces, e.g. a CDF viewer, the different
>   'display' properties are of importance and therefore an SVGT1.2 viewer
>   intended for use in a multiple namespace environment is strongly
>   recommended to keep the full range of 'display' values.

> In the case of CDF viewers display values are most likely not
> semantically identical when inherited down through some SVG and into
> some non-SVG child content.

If the full range of values is supported then they are semantically
identical. SVG itself, as it does not use the box model, only really
responds to display="none"and display="some other value".

> Please change the prose to _must_ or to require CDF viewers to ensure
> that they will behave as if they were to maintain the full range of
> 'display' values. Otherwise child HTML, say, may end up displaying
> completely differently in different viewers.

We understand the concern, and have asked CDF to mandate this in the CDF

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