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AIS SIGSEMIS Bulletin 1(2) July 2004: 136 pages available at www.sigsemis.org Miltiadis Lytras (Saturday, 31 July)

Accepted Papers and Call for Participation : 2nd Workshop on Semantic Web and Databases Irini Fundulaki (Saturday, 31 July)

FOAFCamp update Libby Miller (Thursday, 29 July)

InverseFunctional properties are the new URI? Phil Dawes (Thursday, 29 July)

SIMILE Store Report Ryan Lee (Wednesday, 28 July)

CfParticipation and Program German Conference on MultiAgent System TEchnologieS (MATES) Erfurt, 29.-30.9.2004 Rainer Unland (Wednesday, 28 July)

RDQL parser in Prolog Simon Price (Wednesday, 28 July)

ADL'04 DEADLINE EXTENSION Carsten Lutz (Tuesday, 27 July)

New Beta release of OWL-S (1.1B) available David Martin (Tuesday, 27 July)

Ontology Harvesting borgun@ics.mq.edu.au (Monday, 26 July)

ISWC 04 workshop on Semantic Web Technologies for Mobile and Ubiquitous applications: last CFP Valentina Tamma (Monday, 26 July)

Does anyone know where can I find a vCard.xsd? Teresa Pereira (Monday, 26 July)

Dublin Core 'available' date range kurt.godden@gm.com (Monday, 26 July)

Announcing SKOS-Core Phase 2 Development Miles, AJ (Alistair) (Friday, 23 July)

[ANN] DOAP (Description of a Project) Vocabulary Edd Dumbill (Thursday, 22 July)

RDF graph representation Dimitri Glazkov (Thursday, 22 July)

[ANN] Working drafts by SW Best Practices group -- request for comments Natasha Noy (Thursday, 22 July)

ANN: ARC v0.1.0 Benjamin Nowack (Thursday, 22 July)

Not Necessarily Transitive properties Internet Business Logic (Wednesday, 21 July)

Transitive properties Richard Newman (Wednesday, 21 July)

ANNOUNCEMENT: Raptor RDF Parser Toolkit 1.3.2 Dave Beckett (Wednesday, 21 July)

Laboratory for Applied Ontology in Trento, Italy: PHD POSITION (deadline: 25 Ago 04) Jos Lehmann (Wednesday, 21 July)

Fwd: Real data Damian Steer (Wednesday, 21 July)

Real data Eric Jain (Wednesday, 21 July)

DC with RDF Modeling Questions kurt.godden@gm.com (Tuesday, 20 July)

(no subject) Renato (Monday, 19 July)

Summer of FOAF - events update Libby Miller (Sunday, 18 July)

Final CFP: SWEL'04 @ ISWC'04: Applications of Semantic WebTechnol ogiesfor E-learning - Deadline EXTENDED: 27th July Dicheva, Darina (Sunday, 18 July)

V 0.5 of Veudas Web RDF Editor is out Phil Dawes (Friday, 16 July)

Fwd: The new Atompub WG Graham Klyne (Friday, 16 July)

SemAnnot2004: extended deadline Siegfried Handschuh (Thursday, 15 July)

Call for Participation: ECAI-2004 Workshop on Ontology Learning and Population Paul Buitelaar (Thursday, 15 July)

Possible to reduce OWL Full ontology to DL ontology automatically? Phil Dawes (Thursday, 15 July)

Call for Participation (ISWC2004): correction Akiko Inaba (Thursday, 15 July)

Call for Participation (ISWC2004) Akiko Inaba (Thursday, 15 July)

JOBS: Senior permanent positions in Computing/Knowledge Media Enrico Motta (Wednesday, 14 July)

RDF/XML parser in Haskell (HARP) Graham Klyne (Wednesday, 14 July)

EON2004: extended deadline York Sure (Tuesday, 13 July)

XMP opinions? DuCharme, Bob (LNG-CHO) (Tuesday, 13 July)

Use of the word "should" in OWL Rec Martin Bernauer (Tuesday, 13 July)

ISWC 04 workshop on Semantic Web Technologies for Mobile and Ubiquitous applications: last CFP Valentina Tamma (Monday, 12 July)

[www-rdf-interest] <none> Valentina Tamma (Monday, 12 July)

CFP: SWEL'04 @ ISWC'04: Applications of Semantic WebTechnologiesfor E-learning - Deadline extended: 27th July Aroyo, L.M. (Monday, 12 July)

Call for Semantic Web Challenge 2004 Akiko Inaba (Sunday, 11 July)

Extended Deadline SWEB 04 - Semantic Web Technologies in Electronic Business Ralf Heese (Friday, 9 July)

Re: owl guido naudts (Friday, 9 July)

CFP: Semantic Web Services workshop at ISWC David Martin (Thursday, 8 July)

Spam and conference announcements Graham Klyne (Thursday, 8 July)

JTRES2004: Last Call-for-Papers Corrado Santoro (Thursday, 8 July)

Semantic E-mail Laurian Gridinoc (Tuesday, 6 July)

Semantic E-mail Laurian Gridinoc (Wednesday, 30 June)

Hi, I need help on Semantic Web... Ahmet Oktay (Thursday, 1 July)

Final CFP with deadline extension for the OTM Workshop on Ontologies, Semantics and E-learning (28/10/2004) in Larnaca Peter Spyns (Friday, 2 July)

Call for papers - PSC 2005 Emiliano Tramontana (Wednesday, 7 July)

Turtle - Terse RDF Triple Language changes at 2004-07-07 Dave Beckett (Wednesday, 7 July)

European Master in Language and Communication Technologies in Bozen-Bolzano, Italy Enrico Franconi (Wednesday, 7 July)

A question for RDF parser implementers - whitespace Graham Klyne (Tuesday, 6 July)

Re: Something that fundamentally confuses/bothers me about the Semantic Web Jean-Luc Delatre (Tuesday, 6 July)

[ANN] FOAF events this summer Libby Miller (Monday, 5 July)

DEADLINE EXTENSION: EKAW Workshop on Knowledge Management and the Semantic Web Rose Dieng (Friday, 2 July)

CFP: Ph.D. Symposium in conjunction with the OTM conferences (***extended deadline***) Antonia Albani (Thursday, 1 July)

JTRES 2004: Deadline extended to July 11 Corrado Santoro (Thursday, 1 July)

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