Re: SIMILE Store Report

On Thu, Jul 29, 2004 at 12:29:26 +0100, Damian Steer wrote:
> I suspect (though Ryan will no doubt correct me) that what SIMILE needs  
> is something like Joseki and BRQL's DESCRIBE [1], i.e. grab a bunch  
> (vague enough? :-) of information about this resource (possibly  
> plural).  I certainly could have done with something like that for  
> brownsauce. Something like bNode closure may be enough, although it  
> goes horribly wrong for FOAF data (I used something similar but which  
> doesn't explode on FOAF).

Could you say something about the algorithm? I'm looking at implementing
DESCRIBE at the moment, but I'm stuck on the FOAF issue too :)

- Steve

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