rdfs:seeAlso Re: Semantic E-mail

Not sure what seeAlso was intended for, but it is often used as a generic
link by RDF crawlers. For example a number of FOAF tools will add a seeAlso
to connect your FOAF to some more stuff, which may or may not discuss the
same resources.

Is this actually the best way to use it?



On Fri, 9 Jul 2004, Richard Newman wrote:

>I would suggest using sameAs or equivalentProperty, if the semantics
>are equivalent (as may well be the case for, e.g. messageIDs).
>Similarly, use subPropertyOf if that's the actual case (as you suggest
>for DC identifier).
>I don't think seeAlso is really intended for this... anyone? I was
>under the impression that it referred to another document containing
>further description of a resource (though I may be wrong!).
>On 9 Jul 2004, at 03:55, Laurian Gridinoc wrote:
>> When having such wide choice of partial overlapping vocabularies, what
>> would be the best solution -- to try to use from each the most
>> meaningful elements (mixing vocabularies), the result having a
>> namespace soup, or to create my own vocabulary and promote partial
>> understanding by usage of rdfs:seeAlso in its schema?

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