Re: SIMILE Store Report

Ryan Lee wrote:
> The SIMILE Project put together a report on the current state of triple 
> store applications' performance at a medium scale as a preliminary step 
> towards determining which store might fit our project needs best at a 
> larger scale.
> XHTML and PDF versions of the report can be found at
> Feedback and comments are appreciated.

Having a quick look at the code that's using Kowari, it seems that there 
might be some sub-optimal things being done, like creating a new 
ItqlInterpreterBean every time which effectively sets up a new RMI session.

Also, by looking at the results it seems odd as to why "Load Page" 
locally would be slower than over the network by two orders of magntitude.

And the use of "In-Memory" should probably be "In JVM" or maybe "Local". 
  By saying "In Memory" I think of an an in memory model, one that isn't 

Also, I wonder the usefulness of the "configure" test, it seems to vary 
widely between implementations from 2ms to 50,000ms and the one that 
does consistently better is the one that: "..naively queries a Model 
using the RDQL query language instead of Jena's Model API. Very little 
is cached, so all user interaction through the web application ends up 
relying on accessing the store through non-optimal queries."

Received on Wednesday, 28 July 2004 19:18:10 UTC