Use cases Re: InverseFunctional properties are the new URI?

On Thu, 29 Jul 2004, Internet Business Logic wrote:

>Simon --
>You wrote....
>"A whole class of interesting applications of the Semantic Web are
>likely to arise where smushing is required without either URIs or IFPs."
>Do you have please an outline of such an example?

Yep. A journalist trying to track a network of people. Some of them have
known IFPs (such as email addresses). Some of them m ight be defined for a
while as "the bloke who knows X and Y".

This is roughly the same application as the tracking down terrorists that
Simon mentioned, except I don't know anybody involved in tracking down

Maintaining my address book would be another example - this would be handy,
but I certainly don't have any particular inverse functional property for
the people there. Including their names, which turn out to be a long way from
an IFP.



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