Laboratory for Applied Ontology in Trento, Italy: PHD POSITION (deadline: 25 Ago 04)

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PhD position at Laboratory for Applied Ontology 

There is an opening position in the area: 

"Applied Ontology and Knowledge Engineering" 

at the PhD program of the University of Trento, International Doctorate School in Information and Communication Technology, 
Call downloadable (both in English and in Italian) at

The application deadline is August 25th, 2004. 
English is the official language of the program. No knowledge of Italian is required.

The research activity will be hosted by the Laboratory for Applied 
Ontology (LOA),, part of the CNR Institute for 
Cognitive Sciences and Technologies, in the framework of a cooperation 
with the Department of Information and Communication Technology of the 
University of Trento.

The Laboratory for Applied Ontology has a leading reputation in the 
foundations of ontological analysis, knowledge representation, and 
conceptual modeling, and adopts a strong interdisciplinary approach 
that combines Computer Science, Philosophy, and Linguistics, relying on 
logic as a unifying paradigm. Candidates with a background in any of 
such disciplines are welcome; please check the LOA web-site for more 
information about  publications and ongoing projects.

The Department of Information and Communication Technology of 
University of Trento has an excellent reputation, in particular in 
areas such as Information and Knowledge Management and Software 
Engineering. Please check the Doctorate School Web site for more info about the University.

Trento is a lovely Italian city along the Adige river in the Alps.
For information on the city, the surrounding mountains and the Italian 
lifestyle, check the following websites: 

For further information on the research activity at LOA and the 
application process, please contact Alessandro Oltramari at -- tel. +39 0461 830198

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