Re: A question for RDF parser implementers - whitespace

> Correct. In order to get the whitespace handling right you need to
> understand the datatype specified.
> Which is impossible, in the general case, I suppose:
>      <foo:bar rdf:datatype=""
>       > 42.4 </geo:lat>

What we wrote was:

In [XML-SCHEMA1], white space normalization occurs during validation 
according to the value of the whiteSpace facet. The lexical-to-value 
mapping used in RDF datatyping occurs after this, so that the whiteSpace 
facet has no effect in RDF datatyping.

" 42.4 "^^xsd:decimal

is simply a datatyping error," 42.4 " is not an xsd:decimal, "42.4" is.

RDF/XML expects the whitespace validation to have been done before the 
document was written


Received on Tuesday, 13 July 2004 04:44:49 UTC